Power Conversion
Experienced with AC/DC and DC/DC conversion in the 1/2 watt to 500 watt range:
Specialties include,

  •  High Efficiency
  •  Input Voltages from 1 to 300 VDC
  •  Output voltages from 1 to 500 VDC (Including CCFL Lighting)
  •  Loop Analysis using SPICE and actual measurements
  •  Voltage Mode Control and Current Mode Control
  •  Low noise layout techniques
  •  High isolation transformer design
  •  Power density to 50 Watts / Square Inch and above on FR4 and Metal Backed PCB's
  •  Failure Analysis
  •  Accelerated Life Testing

Applications include:

  •  High Efficiency Solar converters
  •  Electronics equipment power
  •  LED and CCFL Lighting
  •  High Voltage Test Equipment
  •  PoE (Power Over Ethernet) downstream power supplies
  •  Battery Charging

Example: Custom DC/DC Converter Module / 5-36 VDC input / 0.8-9 VDC at up to 10 amps Output (1.5 X 1
inch footprint)
Example: Custom DC/DC Converter - 24/48 VDC Input, 9V, 5V, 3.3V Outputs at 50 Watts for Tower
Mounted Point to Point Radio Transceiver. Features Forward Converter with Coupled Inductors for close
output tracking.