PCB Design
We can provide a number of PCB CAD Services. Experienced in Analog, Power Conversion and RF Design
from DC to 20 GHz.

Our basic tool set is Altium Designer, but we can import nearly any CAD data format if needed for existing

We have developed a number of innovative tools for Altium including a very simple to use part number
database that allows us to design in Altium using our existing CAD symbols BUT using your ordering part
number database. This is extremely useful when doing work for OEM's that have their own parts database
setup, since I can directly use your part numbers with very little translation needed.

We are experienced in the following layout areas,

RF Design for Wireless Applications including low cost PCB Based Antennas
Precision and Low Noise Analog including low leakage techniques
Power Conversion including DC/DC / Switching Power supplies on FR4 and Metal Backed PCB's
RF to 20 GHz on a number of substrates including: FR4, Teflon, Ceramic based materials
Very High Speed Digital         

Additionally we can provide reverse engineering of existing PCB's - That is we can take the Gerber Files of an
existing PCB and import them into our Altium Designer Toolset. This can give your older designs years more
life and is especially useful in converting older designs to SMT technology or conversion to Lead Free /

Example: 8 Layer, 6GHz Wideband Receiver PCB
Example: Multi-PCB Stackup for Communications Module