DSP Based Lock-In Amplifier
Lock-In Amplifiers have been around since the 1940's. While not as widely used today as in the 1970's and
80's it is still a useful technique. We have designed a modular software and hardware lock-in amplifier that
allows for quick hardware and software customization and experimentation.

In addition to using classic lock-in techniques, this project can borrow on modern Software Defined Radio
techniques to extend the range of experiments.

Download the article here: A Modern DSP Based Lock-In Amplifier


  • Microprocessor based design for quick programming
  • 16 Bit Data converters / 32 Bit DSP Math
  • Self contained stimulus source
  • Basic Operation DC - 30 MHz (Expandable to several hundred MHz)
  • Self Contained - Modular Hardware / Software design
  • USB 2.0 communication

Circuit Board View

Finished Design View