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November 2011 - Simple USB - Radio Bridge (Wireless Transceiver Link)

Here in the lab we have been working on a customizable concept wireless link radio - A "USB to Wireless Bridge".

The basic concept is to use a USB HID interface (Human Interface Device) and a universal 400-900 MHz Transceiver chip by
our friends at TI to make a simple, low cost wireless link for control of nearly any device or sensor or existing device.

This is perfect for low cost control in applications that require standard serial data rates and desire the convenience of a
wireless link to control a piece of equipment or interface to a single or network of smart sensors.

Applications include,
  • Irrigation and Sprinkler Controls
  • Smart Sensor Arrays
  • Building Monitoring and Control
  • Weather Station Data Collection
  • "Drive By" Programming and monitoring of Municipal or Industrial Sensors and Controllers

Benefits to the user of this concept are,
  • Easy customization to the exact application requirements
  • HID USB Interface - No Windows Drivers Required
  • Small "USB Dongle" type of design using off the shelf plastic housings (No Tooling Costs)
  • Rapid prototyping as the Firmware in the Bridge is very simple
  • Low Power and Low Cost by using Microchip low power MCU's and TI's Under 1 GHz Radio Chip
  • Simpler implementation and longer range possible than Bluetooth

On the Sensor side of the radio link a similar looking PCB can be used. However at this end there may already be a MCU and
the radio would then communicate to the existing MCU via a SPI or Serial link. The USB HID interface would not be needed in a
typical Sensor side usage.

To see how the Engineers at AnalogHome can customize this design for your needs or to help on your next project - please
contact us via the link at the left.

Scroll down for more design capture images

Prototype Rendering of the USB to Radio Bridge - PC Side
EM Simulation of Inverted F PCB Antenna in the 915 MHz ISM Band