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October 2011 - AnalogHome announces the development of a "Total Environmental Sensor"

AnalogHome has prototyped for a client a “Total Environmental Sensor”. This configurable sensor was designed for building
environmental control automation and agriculture monitoring and control uses. Utilizing a patented CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)
sensor, temperature, humidity and optional light and door sensors this low profile design is designed to allow the next level of
distributed building automation.

The Total-Enviro-Sensor has been designed for industrial strength LAN or RS485 communication and the LAN version can be
designed for a web page interface and self contained power where Power Over Ethernet (POE) is available.

Data logging, query and send (Ping) and / or send on configurable alarm communication modes can be supported.

The Total-Enviro-Sensor is a custom design and can be configured to meet your exact application requirements and desired
form factor. Since the design is wholly owned by AnalogHome it is a relatively easy matter to customize the design for new
or retrofit of legacy or obsolete systems.

Sensing Features:
Patented / No Calibration CO2 Sensing Technology
Reliable Humidity Sensor Technology
Temperature Sensing
Dew Point Calculation
Ambient Visible Light Sensing
Door / Window Switches
Water level / flow
Actuator / Relay Outputs
Digital IO

Communication Modes:
Data logging – send results on request
Send data on query (Ping)
Send signal (or email) on Alarm

Communication Methods:
RS232, RS485, USB, LAN, CAN, I2C, 4-20mA, ZigBee, WiFi, Cellular Modem
Nearly any communication format, even obsolete legacy systems can be emulated

Contact us to see how we can customize the Total-Enviro-Sensor to your exact application requirements.

The sensor module is easily customized for your exact needs or desired form factor. Shown are two
possible configurations for RS485 and LAN Interfaces.