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Services we provide:

We design and provide high quality electronic
hardware and software solutions from DC to
20 GHz.

This solution can be a portion of your product
or the entire product and is tailored to your
exact needs.

We can arrange for prototype through volume
production of your product through our global
network of partners or provide complete
turn-key documentation.
AnalogHome is Steve Hageman's design resource on the web.

We can provide the Custom "Electronic Glue" that makes your product a reality.

This usually starts with measuring, generating or acting on signals in the Analog Domain, but that's not
enough anymore in the 21st Century.

Today we extend the functionality of our designs through the use of embedded systems and PC's to
digitize, scale, display and store the data - so that it is truly useful not only now but also in the future

Analog Engineer, RF Engineer, Freelance Engineer, Contracting Engineer, Custom RF Design, Custom Radio Receiver Design
Software Defined Radio Design, Custom Internet Of Things Design. Custom Synthesizer Design, Custom Analog Circuit Design.
Custom Embedded System Design, Custom Virtual Instrument Design, Radio Frequency PCB Layout and Design, RF PCB Designer
Design, High Speed PCB Design. Custom Instrumentation Software, Custom Power Converter Design, Custom DC/DC Converter.,
Custom High Power Modular Power Converter Design. Custom DC/DC Converter Design. Custom Embedded Systems Design,
Custom Computer Board Design, Freelance Embedded Engineer. Freelance Analog Engineer. Freelance Hardware Engineer,
Contract Hardware Engineer, Custom Hardware Engineer. EMI / Signal Integrity Engineer. Lock In Amplifier Design, Custom Lock In
Amplifier Design, Phase Sensitive Modulator / DeModulator Design
, IQ Demodulation, low noise instrumentation design, low noise

Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, Northern California, North Bay
, United States.
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